About Us

The 71st. Ave brand is a testimonial come-up.
This one's for the hustlers looking for their place outside the societal norm with aspirations of leaving their imprint on the world. It's our mission to create quality, minimalistic streetwear to assist you w. a light flex along the way.
71st. Ave takes pride in providing aesthetically pleasing garments through original artwork. Loud has never been the m.o., low-key classics, that's us. The continual mission will always be to create for persons from every walk of life to celebrate the universal appeal of our brand.
 Founder Kenneth Liu, hailing from humble beginnings in Queens, NY realized at a young age that life though full of challenges was best approached as a hustle, to keep the circle small, steady stack on the low & focus on growth. The tool he says best applied in the development was the impact of growing up immersed in street culture which aided life's navigation & a path away from illicitness. 
71st. Ave looks to continually deliver streetwear that possesses authenticity & comfort. Our belief lies in the hope that curating our craft will inspire generations of creatives, free thinkers & trailblazers to come. So as we continue our pursuit of legacy, we invite you to come rock w. us. 

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